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The Northwest Private Industry Council provides administration, oversight, and strategic direction of workforce development programs in Northwest Minnesota. By coordinating robust services, we help connect jobseekers, students and young adults to employers and businesses in the area.

Incumbent Worker Training - Grants Available!

While we are transitioning, please contact
Gabe Mooney for board related questions at 218-782-2575 ext. 490 or email or
John Preuss for program questions at 218-796-5144 ext. 1018
or email

Looking for Work



Interested in starting a new career — or maybe starting a career for the first time? It’s never too late! In order to thrive, you need to find a job that matches you abilities. Each person has different skills. Our program partners offer individualized employment and training services for adults seeking new employment, changing careers, or re-entering the workforce.


Young Adults



If you're a young person in Northwest Minnesota, spending some time planning ahead will ensure you end up working in a field you really enjoy. Although many people fail to actually plan for their career, all would tell you they wish they had some career guidance when they still had the chance to make different choices. There's never been a better time to plan for a career! Take advantage of this unique time of life where the decisions you make now can mean the difference between an enjoyable working existence and a depressing one.

Business Services



The NWPIC is dedicated to the workforce as a whole — not just employees — and offers services to help local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. As a business owner, there are ways to tap into reserves of talent that are usually ignored. This can not only bring you into contact with fresh talent, but also some great tax breaks. Whether you are looking for information on starting a new business, hiring employees, training your workers, advice on employment or safety law, financial help to train new employees, etc., we can help.

Client Testimonial

Jennifer says, “I just want to THANK YOU all so much for all the help you have given my family and I. I can't thank you all enough for going above and beyond to ensure our mortgage is covered and we can breathe a bit more freely. I have contacted the link below (a link sent to her for financial counseling and mortgage assistance) and have a consultation tomorrow morning for my mortgage and how we can reduce the monthly amount. We are also going to work with them for some debt consolidation and budget things. I really look forward to our lives getting back on track. On a side note, I was offered a full-time position here (a non-profit agency) and accepted. I will now be working 5 days a week instead of 4. Again, without all the efforts your team... I wouldn't be where I am today.” 

A proud partner of both                                                        and the American Job Center network.

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