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Planning ahead can make the difference in creating an enjoyable, rewarding work life!

If you're a young person in Northwest Minnesota, spending some time planning ahead will ensure you end up working in a field you really enjoy. Although many people fail to actually plan for their career, all would tell you they wish they had some career guidance when they still had the chance to make different choices. Let's work together to find and prepare you for a career that's right for you TODAY!


The Northwest Private Industry Council contracts with Inter-County Community Council for Youth Programs and ICCC staff specializes in helping young people figure out how they want to spend their working years. Just think, the average person working full time spends over 80,000 hours during a lifetime at work! So, planning now for something you'll enjoy is very important! Our Career Counselors can help you identify your true interest and abilities and even assess your personality to determine what occupation or career best suits you.


After you figure out what careers you're interested in, we can help you find training programs and access financial aid. For eligible youth, the Office of Job Training can provide scholarships for occupational training programs up to two years long. There's never been a better time to plan for a career! Take advantage of this unique time of life where the decisions you make now can mean the difference between an enjoyable working existence and a depressing one.


Work Experience

ICCC also administers summer and year-round employment programs geared to help young people ages 16 through 24 enter "earn and learn" job situations. The programs take special care with youth who have a strong likelihood of leaving school due to problems with teen parenting, homelessness, runaway situations, juvenile offenses, chemical dependency, disabilities, economic hardships, English language deficiency, or a difficult family life.  The programs are designed to help you complete high school, move on to post-secondary education, and/or transition to work. 


Our counselors mentor young students, identify problems, and encourage you to develop personal goals for continued education and job preparation.  Often, placement into appropriate part time employment strengthens the relationship between school studies and work. Contact Us to either find a counselor near you to help plan for your future or to find out if you're eligible for tuition assistance or support services.



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